The Parents’ Association (for both Junior and Senior schools) is a group of happy and willing parents who help out in lots of different events throughout the year. We’re here to support special events that your child(ren) will enjoy, e.g. fun activities such as cake sales twice a year or Christmas and Easter crafts.

There are also a number of events where the contribution of the Parents’ Association has become essential. At Christmas, parents from the PA are very active in the preparation of the Christmas show, helping hugely with the costumes and the preparation of the hall.

For First Communion and 6th class graduation we prepare little presents for the children and help to serve food in the cafeteria, so the parents and children can have an enjoyable time. Every year we organise for each 6th class pupil to receive a hoodie with the names of their pals printed on it and an autograph book.

Towards the end of the year we organise a uniform sale, in the cafeteria. This is to give families an opportunity to buy second hand uniforms.

Three times a year we organise a cash for clobber collection and this is a very easy way to get funds to support all our activities.

Parents from the PA also give a hand with the senior school library, to help keep it tidy and make sure that the books are brought back in time. The PA also support the Book Fair during the year.

There are many more opportunities for the PA to help and make the school year as enjoyable as possible for everyone. To plan our work we hold a meeting about every two months. Everyone’s welcome to join the Parents’ Association and they are guaranteed to have some fun time while being helpful!