What is STEAM? 

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. It is an educational approach which is to the forefront of the new Primary Curriculum Framework. STEAM education emphasises a holistic learning experience for pupils. Through STEAM activities pupils learn to think critically, collaborate with others, and apply their knowledge to real-world situations. This approach prepares them for future success in a rapidly changing world. Further information on the New Primary Curriculum can be accessed here. 

What does STEAM look like in Holy Family Junior School? 

We are very proud of our engagement with STEAM learning in Holy Family Junior School, allowing our pupils to have a better understanding of the world we live in. 



  • Science Week is celebrated in HFJS annually  
  • Our School Garden brings science to life! 
  • Green Schools – we are currently working on our eight Green Flag: Global Citizenship and Marine Environment 
  • Science BLAST 
  • Heritage in Schools  
  • Forest School 



The use of iPads greatly enhance teaching and learning in our school. Pupils have also enjoyed simple coding through playful activities like using Beebots that teach sequencing and basic programming skills.



  • Aistear – the boys and girls thoroughly enjoy building and construction activities as part of Aistear using blocks, LEGO bricks, or other building materials to develop spatial reasoning, problem-solving, and creativity skills. 
  • Engineering and STEAM challenges – children are presented with open-ended challenges that require them to apply their knowledge of science, technology, engineering and math to solve real-world problems. Follow the link to access the STEAMzine Full STEAM Ahead Magazines published by Clare Education Centre, full of STEAM challenges!  https://www.clareed.ie/steam/768-steamzine-full-team-ahead-magazines.html



We love showcasing our artistic and creative skills while engaging in the following Arts related activities: 

  • Completing art projects 
  • Learning about famous artists and recreating their masterpieces 
  • STEAM related challenges  
  • Exploring connections between art and science, such as creating nature-inspired art and experimenting with colour mixing 
  • TAP – Teacher and Artist Partnership 
  • Junk Art projects  
  • Music Generation



Maths is taught in a very playful, hands on and practical way in Holy Family Junior School. Children engage in real life problem solving activities, games, puzzles etc. that develop maths talk, counting, sorting, patterning, collaborative, spatial awareness, risk taking and reasoning skills.  

As a school we take part in Maths Week each year. The children love taking part in Maths trails.  

Check out our STEAM Gallery https://holyfamilyjuniorschool.com/school-life-post/stem/