“If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books”, Roald Dahl 

Every year Holy Family Junior School celebrates Book Week, a week where the children are encouraged to explore the pleasure of books and reading. The children are provided with lots of opportunities to look at books, read books, share books and to listen to stories being read aloud.  

Many fun activities take place during Book Week, including the following: 

D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read). Time is allocated each day during Book Week for quiet reading and enjoyment of books.  

School Visitors – An author or illustrator of children’s books is invited to the school to speak to the children and staff about their work. 

Visual Arts – Children are busy designing and making book-marks, book covers, creating their favourite scene from a book and adding colour and interest to the corridors with their book displays. 

Favourite Character Day – A firm favourite every year among students and staff, where everyone is encouraged to dress as their favourite book character. Everyone from Mary Poppins to The Gruffalo can be seen in school that day! 

Library Visit – Pupils go to Ennis library where they can become members, if not already so, get a tour of the library and one of the wonderful librarians reads a story for the children. 

Story Time – Each class is brought to the foyer by a teacher other than their own, for a special story reading session. 

Book Week Vouchers – Every child in the school receives a special Book Week voucher, to buy a special World Book Day book in their local book shop. 

Book Week is a fun-filled week of books and reading in Holy Family Junior School.