Mathematics is a very important area in the curriculum of the Holy Family Junior School. As well as working on Maths in the classroom, we encourage the children to look at Maths in their environment. We examine how we use Maths in our daily lives, e.g., shape, space, data, as well as time and money. Each year in the month of October, we explore Maths’ trails in Holy Family Junior School. These trails usually take place on the school yard where we have mathematical games painted on the ground and where our pupils are encouraged to be aware of maths all around them. We also use our school building where we look at the numbers, colours, shapes and angles inside.

We are lucky that we have two very active Home School Liaison teachers and they encourage the parents to get involved and they come and help out with the activity. It is one of the many activities that the parents of our pupils can be involved in as their child goes through their primary years in Holy Family School.