The Bishop of Killaloe, Fintan Monahan, SMA, is the patron of the school. In this capacity he appoints a Board of Management to oversee the running of the school on behalf of the local Catholic community. The function of the Board of Management is to create a working environment which promotes the learning and welfare of students and which facilitates the professional development and welfare of school personnel. It is a voluntary body.  The Board of Management is responsible for the effective running of the school – appointing staff, general maintenance and policymaking.  The Board has 8 members, 2 nominated by the Bishop, 2 teachers, 2 parents of children in the school (a father and a mother) and 2 other community members.

The Board of Management is appointed for a four year term. The current Board members are:

Chairperson: Allen Flynn

Treasurer: Clare Colleran Molloy

Community Representatives: Cormac O’Sullivan

Health & Safety Officer: Brendan Duggan

Parents’ Representatives: Mariya Nikishanova and Stefan Asiminei

Staff Representative: Attracta Williams

Secretary of the Board: Miriam Lowe (Principal)