Maths Recovery is an individualised programme for identifying children who are either struggling or excelling in mathematics in first class. Maths Recovery in Holy Family Junior School offers a unique approach to extending children’s number knowledge, understanding and strategies. The Maths Recovery programme emphasises ongoing assessment, careful observation, hypothesising about student’s current knowledge and strategies and building on them to increase the student’s knowledge, ability and self confidence in Mathematics. Learning activities are based on all of this information gathered and so ensures that Maths Recovery teaching is always at the cutting edge of a student’s knowledge.

Our Maths Recovery teachers have received extensive training in implementing the programme. Working with individual pupils and also small groups, Maths Recovery focuses on developing:

  • a facility with number words and number sequences,
  • the ability to recognise, identify and write numbers,
  • emerging strategies for adding and subtracting,
  • emerging knowledge of the tens and ones, aspect of the numeration system and emerging methods of notation in arithmetic.

The programme is not age related and involves no reading or writing for the child. Most of the work is done orally. Children are helped to discover and use strategies for working out maths problems at their own pace to ensure they achieve their maximum potential in this core curricular subject.

Experiencing success during Maths Recovery has a positive impact on children’s learning and leads to improvements in self-esteem and engagement with classroom learning.