Aistear is the curriculum framework for children from birth to six years in Ireland. It celebrates early childhood as a time of enjoying and learning from experiences, through discussion, exploration and play. Involving holistic learning and development, our pupils are actively involved in their learning through play and hands-on experiences in the classroom, making learning more enjoyable. Communication and language is at the very heart of Aistear is as this is how children learn to think about and make sense of their world. In Holy Family Junior School, we ensure that the Aistear learning environment is inviting and child centred, encouraging and helping our pupils to explore and to take advantage of opportunities for fun, choice, freedom, adventure and challenge. Aistear is implemented in the junior and senior infant classes where our pupils have the opportunity to implement their numeracy and literacy skills a meaningful way through the use of role play, games and real-life situations.

As well as Aistear stations in our infant classes, our pupils are also timetabled to use our well equipped playroom, one of their favourite rooms in the school!

For more information please visit the NCCA website.