Following the success of the Reading Recovery Programme in Holy Family Junior School, Literacy Lift Off (LLO) was introduced so that more children could benefit from the proven Reading Recovery strategies.

Literacy Lift Off is a daily literacy hour that runs for six weeks in the classroom. Using the large collection of levelled readers from the Book Nook in our school, support teachers work in collaboration with the class teacher in the classroom for 4 days each week on a range of literacy activities. The children are broken into five groups, so that they are working at an appropriate level with other children of similar ability.

During the literacy hour each group takes turns to participate in the following stations:

  • Reading a new book
  • Reading familiar books to build fluency and confidence
  • Exploring how words work
  • Writing
  • Oral Language

The LLO programme gradually lifts the complexity of what children can do in both reading and writing by equipping them with the necessary problem-solving skills. The aim of the programme is to make pupils active learners teaching them how to problem-solve independently and to boost all pupils’ literacy skills.