In March 2022, the Holy Family Junior School was awarded its Yellow Flag for its participation in the Yellow Flag Programme. The focus of this programme is on promoting inclusion, anti-racism and celebrating diversity in schools. Holy Family Junior School has always been committed to inclusion and we celebrate the diversity of all members of our school community. The Yellow Flag is proudly displayed outside the school which signifies that we are a welcoming and inclusive school.

We celebrated this great achievement with the children, parents and school community on 4th March 2022. The children raised the Yellow Flag, wore their traditional costumes, greeted each other in different languages and showcased their beautiful artwork throughout the school.

Please click on the two links below:

1. Video – Watch the video below to see the wonderful work that was completed by all children in the school:

2. Photographs – Click on the link below to see some photos of the great celebrations in the school – we are extremely proud of all our pupils and their families.


Inclusion & Diversity Week 2023

We celebrated how unique and special we all are in Holy Family Junior School through a fun filled week of activities as part of our Inclusion and Diversity week in June 2023: 

  • ‘Caught You Being Kind’ cards were awarded to the boys and girls for showing kindness at school 
  • We learned the ‘K-I-N-D’ song 
  • The ice-cream van visited us at school, and we enjoyed ice-creams in the sun with our friends 
  • We blew bubbles in the yard with some new friends from the Senior School 
  • We practiced giving compliments to our friends 
  • ‘We Are All Different, We Are All Friends’ art – we designed paper chain people to represent our uniqueness and to show we all belong together in Holy Family Junior School


How does it operate?

The programme operates through a co-operative approach of pupils, staff, management, parents and wider community groups, so that issues of diversity and equality are not merely seen as “school subjects” but can be understood and taken outside the school setting into everyday life.

In effect it’s an 8 step practical programme run in schools to:

  1. Support children to have pride in their own culture and identity and to learn about and to respect other children’s culture
  2. Support schools to develop an environment in which all children feel that they belong and are valued
  3. Support schools to develop a culture of tolerance and understanding where all children are treated fairly
  4. Encourage and promote active partnership and engagement and effective communication between Teachers, students, parents & Community.

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