Holy Family Junior School is a Catholic co-educational primary school, situated in the heart of Ennis town. We are committed to creating a nurturing, happy, secure and stimulating learning environment in which all members of our diverse school community can learn and can feel safe, happy and valued and achieve their true potential. We strive to create a welcoming school based on trust, respect, love, concern for others, understanding and acceptance. Based on our aims and objectives, the staff and parents try to ensure that the children’s experience here is as positive and rewarding as possible. Holy Family Junior School is a very happy place for both children and staff. Parents are active partners in their children’s education and a monthly newsletter and regular contact with the school keeps them abreast of all school news.

Therefore we aim to:

• Provide first – hand experience through a full, varied and structured curriculum where pupils are engaged in their own learning.

• Offer learning experiences that are appropriate, purposeful and enjoyable.

• Recognise, celebrate and reward individual effort and achievement in all areas

• Provide a positive, stimulating and well-resourced learning environment.

• Provide opportunities for pupils to work independently, collaboratively and cooperatively

• Develop and maintain an effective working partnership between school and home

• Create and maintain purposeful links between school and the local community

• Promote inclusion and provide equal opportunities for all children regardless of gender, race, ability or religion

• Promote and develop moral values and respect for others and the environment

• Develop independence and motivation in order that children and staff may have the opportunities to help them achieve their potential